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The story of how a tropical storm materialized in Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal, swept across Fourth Street, and delivered a luscious downpour of paint on Tom Otterness’s studio is the story of creativity, cooperation, generosity, and incredibly good energy. It began as a youth development project in the fervid mind of Jerry Otero, aka Mista Oh!, for Los Galeristas Adolescentes, the gallery club of his group Cre8tive Youth*ink. With the collabo … Read More

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La Escuelita Comenzó! – The Art School Without Walls is (Un)Officially Open – Vol.1 w/ Sofia Maldonado

Here’s a clip of cre8tive YouTH*ink going hard on day 1 of the Ray Smith Studio Presents! Art School without Walls, Vol. 1 with Sofia Maldonado!

I am I am shamelessly soliciting your patronage and support via Kickstarter .

For those of you already over Kickstarter – all of our crew earned a day’s pay on Saturday, and we had twice as many kids as we expected –  we can really use all the help we can get. So, ignore the following and just do it already!  🙂

We resume work on Tuesday – with a our High School Galeristas expected at 4pm. I think there will be many mouths to feed!!

For those of you who don’t know about it.  Kickstarter is a fund raising internet platform for creative projects. It’s formally called “crowd funding”, and it allows the public to support projects that they want to. Each level of support triggers a reward for the funder, and the public can now support projects that they like for as little as $5-$10-$25 or more.

It’s more about taking the time than it is about the amount you pledge – the smaller pledges have really been adding up. It’s nice to know that your few bucks really count!

Please do it NOW! Kickstarter

One Love – Love Mista Oh.

On Cloud Nine: Day One

June 4, 2011 – by Robin Cembalest.

By the time I got to Brooklyn, the Art School Without Walls had been in session only two hours. But the eight young painters who had assembled on this lot near the Gowanus Canal were already moving as a team, efficiently taking their cues from Sofia Maldonado, the master muralist.

The Mural - Day One!

Some of the kids, who are students or recent graduates of Brooklyn high schools, are longtime members of the Galeristas Adolescentes, who worked together last summer on a rooftop painting on Atlantic Avenue.

Top: Sofia, Ray, Mark, Alicia. Center: Lalita, Edwina. Seated: Trevonne, Moise J, Chris, Vince, Jesús

Click here to read more about Sofia and Los Galeristas from Niborama…

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