Here’s a clip of cre8tive YouTH*ink going hard on day 1 of the Ray Smith Studio Presents! Art School without Walls, Vol. 1 with Sofia Maldonado!

I am I am shamelessly soliciting your patronage and support via Kickstarter .

For those of you already over Kickstarter – all of our crew earned a day’s pay on Saturday, and we had twice as many kids as we expected –  we can really use all the help we can get. So, ignore the following and just do it already!  🙂

We resume work on Tuesday – with a our High School Galeristas expected at 4pm. I think there will be many mouths to feed!!

For those of you who don’t know about it.  Kickstarter is a fund raising internet platform for creative projects. It’s formally called “crowd funding”, and it allows the public to support projects that they want to. Each level of support triggers a reward for the funder, and the public can now support projects that they like for as little as $5-$10-$25 or more.

It’s more about taking the time than it is about the amount you pledge – the smaller pledges have really been adding up. It’s nice to know that your few bucks really count!

Please do it NOW! Kickstarter

One Love – Love Mista Oh.

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