Baby Got Backboard (via niborama)

Street art has arrived at a place so inaccessible that even the most reckless, renegade taggers hadn”t been able to reach it–until now.

King of the Court by Cope2

Billi Kid, an artist, curator, and “brand manager” of a company called Public Works Department, convinced the NBA to license official backboards so that graffiti and street artists could paint on them.

Half a Second of Freedom by Ewok One 5MH

To coincide with the NBA draft, Guerilla Galleries will feature 16 of the 180 backboards in a show opening June 23 at One Gateway Center, across from Newark’s Penn Station.

"So Fly," by Sofia Maldonado

(The party is 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Public Works charges a cool $15 grand for each backboard (some proceeds go to Newark-based charities).

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Winged Victory! (via niborama)

The story of how a tropical storm materialized in Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal, swept across Fourth Street, and delivered a luscious downpour of paint on Tom Otterness’s studio is the story of creativity, cooperation, generosity, and incredibly good energy. It began as a youth development project in the fervid mind of Jerry Otero, aka Mista Oh!, for Los Galeristas Adolescentes, the gallery club of his group Cre8tive Youth*ink. With the collabo … Read More

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