What a Long, Strange Drip It’s Been:

What a Long Strange Drip It's been...

Sculpture may reign inside Tom Otterness’s Brooklyn studio, but it’s raining paint on the outside. Click here to read about how these tropical storm clouds, created by Puerto Rican-born muralist Sofia Maldonaldo and painted with the assistance of local art students, came to land on this particular wall.

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Winged Victory! (via niborama)

The story of how a tropical storm materialized in Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal, swept across Fourth Street, and delivered a luscious downpour of paint on Tom Otterness’s studio is the story of creativity, cooperation, generosity, and incredibly good energy. It began as a youth development project in the fervid mind of Jerry Otero, aka Mista Oh!, for Los Galeristas Adolescentes, the gallery club of his group Cre8tive Youth*ink. With the collabo … Read More

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Destination Unknown: Los Galeristas Adolescentes at the pre-opening party with Tom Otterness

The Gallery Club spent a great afternoon in with Tom Otterness and friends at the pre-opening party in anticipation of Animal Spirits, an exhibition of recent work opening on Wednesday February 23 and continuing through Saturday March 26, 2011 at the Marlborough Gallery.

We love the way that Tom speaks boldly about things like money, class and the individual’s role in society, without really offending anyone. Everyone loves him! Young and old alike. We can hardly wait for the opening on Wednesday.

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