Here are some highlights from a conversation about the future of cre8tive YouTH*ink and Los Galeristas Adolescentes with the painter Ray Smith:

Ray Smith: So what’s on the top of your wish list?
Mista Oh!:
An amazing office and work space to use as a home-base for our Spring/Summer 2011 projects.
Ray Smith:
Oh! is that it? Then put in on the bottom of your list – ’cause that one’s done!

And just like that, Ray Smith, very generously gave cre8tive YouTH*ink a home. And, what a home! With a handful of projects about to drop, can anyone imagine a better place to be?

Stay tuned for more breaking news about cre8tive YouTH*ink, and make sure that you click on the picture below to launch a fully interactive panoramic virtual tour, by Issac Martinez, of the Ray Smith Studio. Audio by Pablo Picasso.

Panoramic Tour of Ray Smith Studio by Issac Martinez

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