Cheerlesly Cheering Charades Cheerfuly

Did you forget your last regret only to have your most recent worries beset?

When qualms grow stiffer and bitter as the permafrost sets into the litter where does one find that rewarding kindergarten smiley-face sticker?

The insatiable sustenance is substantially sustained when long faces turn thin & they’re left most deranged.

A grimace of hope?

Or desire set ablaze within the furnace lying upon oxidized cast-iron trays?

The naysayers nay when the children play,

Neither for tomorrows nor for today,

Be it as it may,

What can I say? So, I must digress, and yet again, I’ve left another mess. What is being seen without seeing factually?
What is a flightless bird without feathers actually?

I tear the flesh away from bone when I look back at what was once called home.

Consciously cheering these erratic choices I find myself steering,

But what is it at the end of what I find myself nearing?

Nothing more, ever…

Nothing less, never…

My notes grow thick when I scribble as these thoughts contradict this body’s quibble.

The twin peaks of ego-mind teeter treacherously on-edge endlessly, one upon the other, pacing to & fro a seemingly abysmal ledge.

The porridge is either too hot or too cold,

Will it ever be just-right before I get old?

The nocturnal predator’s hunger grows mighty with each passing moment.

I fear being torn asunder whilst I lament.

Everything I once held dear is no longer clear.

Reborn anew, I lay naked & vulnerable out on the pier.

Salty waves crashing, smashing, splashing away any sense of knowing,

A probable uncertainty is definitely showing.

The misty forest of clouded judgments beckons my arrival eagerly.

Perhaps, this somber quest will soon befall me leisurely.

There’s so much to grow and not enough time in the entire world to sow.

This epistemological crusade for meaning is one step too far, and one step too soon already laid.

Let me conclude these moments without letting it rain on the entire parade. The Somberstate, yet again, spoke too soon.

High moon… high noon.

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