Meet the Apprentices Part 3 on Niborama

The latest round of apprentice interviews are up! Read a clip below and check out the full piece on Niborama.

Why do you want to become a guidance counselor?

I like giving back to the community. Most of the projects I’m working on focus on vulnerable populations. Teens are by definition a very vulnerable population because most people don’t listen to them. But they have voices, they have interests and it’s very important for the larger community to recognize that they need help. Organizations like Cre8tiveYouTH*ink are very good for teenagers because art can minimize all the bad influences around them and give them something positive to focus on instead.

How do you think others can help aspiring artists?

It just takes one person to believe in them. It all started with my middle school art teacher so basically you just need to inspire that person even if they can’t do something well at first. It takes practice.


Meet the Apprentices Part 2 on Niborama

New apprentice interviews are up! There are four interviews this week and crew chief Crystal Gonzalez jumps this one off. Read a clip here and check out the full piece on Niborama:

Why were you interested in being a project leader? 

There should be more people like us who welcome young artists and teach them about different art forms. I didn’t have that because I grew up in the projects. I wasn’t able to hang out with these people so I basically raised myself in the arts as a kid.

What are your thoughts on the mural’s title, “Sign Language?”

I think the way they used “Sign Language” makes sense because sign language is meant for people who can’t speak and a painting can’t talk either. But both utilize a different language that has no sound at all.



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Meet the Apprentices Part 1 on Niborama

Each week, we will interview members of The Art School Without Walls, Vol. 6 to learn more about the apprentices, their journey as artists and their aspirations


The first round of three interviews features two of Cre8tiveYouTH*ink’s earliest members, and one of its youngest. Check out the following couple of snippets below from Moise Joseph’s interview and then read the rest on Niborama.

Did you know about Martha Cooper’s “Street Play” project?

Moise: I wasn’t aware of Martha Cooper’s work before Jerry showed us the image but I was very happy with it. Then Chris Stain explained how the boy in the photo would salvage bike parts to make something his own and this is exactly what we do as artists.

What advice would you give to other young artists?

Moise: As long as you really look, you’ll see something new, something no one else sees.

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