Al Hirt copyHere’s a sweet musical biscuit. 30 of the greatest trumpet hits by Al Hirt, the portly Dixieland jazz trumpeter who was a symbol of the exuberant laissez-faire way of life of New Orleans. He was one of the nation’s most recognizable performers in the 1960’s, who recorded 55 albums in his lifetime. Genial, bearded, sometimes topping 300 pounds and known to some friends as Jumbo, Hirt passed on in 1999 at age 76. He was often also called the ”Round Mound of Sound,” and considered one of his most important performances to have been his 1987 solo rendition of Handel’s ”Ave Maria” for Pope John Paul II during the pontiff’s visit to New Orleans.  Leave any comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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