blekko is a new starting point for accessing information.

A search engine is an editorial product. The algorithms that determine search results are created by humans and contain an editorial bias. Users deserve a choice in the editorial voice of their search engine!

Quality vs Quantity: blekko biases towards quality sites, and it does not attempt to gather all of the world’s information. They purposefully bias the index away from sites with low quality content.

Source based, not link based: blekko does NOT rely solely on link based authority.Too many people engage in efforts to game search by linking for purposes other than navigation. blekko relies on human beings and their judgement of the authority of sources to dictate search results.

Spam Free: blekko includes results from sites whose primary purpose is information, not monetization. Sites created solely to game search engines are not included in results.

Human Curation: blekko believes that human beings should be involved in determining search results. A growing community of users tag pages and sites for us every day to help insure the highest quality of search results.

Open and Transparent: blekko makes freely available to its users all of the data that provide the underpinning of our search results. This includes web data, ranking information and the curation efforts of all users.

There are more than 10 relevant results for every day queries such as “las vegas hotels” or “turducken recipes.” We believe our results for these queries are better, but we leave that up to the user. The important point is that users have a choice.

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