Courtesy Fine Art Restoration NYC

Street art wasn’t always made to last, especially in its early days. Artists used whatever materials they had on hand, often assuming that whatever they made would be tagged anyway. So when a picture does survive–like this image by Jean-Michel Basquiat (who died back in 1988)–it’s time to call in the professionals. Restoration, the field where art and chemistry meet, requires a good eye, a steady hand, a strong knowledge of art history, and an intimate acquaintance with solvents, varnishes, and glues, among many other things. That’s the case with our pal Lisa Rosen, an expert at cleaning angels with dirty faces and uncovering lost treasures, from frescoes to graffiti. Art trends will come and go, but a good conservator will always be in style! Click on the photo above or here to read more from Niborama…

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