Cre8tive YouTH*ink was hatched in the fervid mind of Mista Oh! to continue to the creative (r) evolution that began in Brooklyn’s public high schools. Click here to check out past partner projects where it all started.

Also – you can read below is the Gallery Club’s first blog post.

Welcome to the the SPARK BklynArts blog!

Published in the Brooklyn SPARK program offices at the Brooklyn High School for the Arts, this is Mista Oh! coming at you from the center of the cultural and creative universe that is Downtown Brooklyn.

With the help of lots of friends, we’ve lined up some pretty exciting and interesting and things to do during and after-school. So make sure that you follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the 411 on the SPARK BklynArts SAT Club, Community Service Club, and of course our already famous Gallery Club.

In the mean-time – here’s a word from Nibor about the Gallery Club.

Hi Everyone! Just this month we’ve visited an art fair, a museum, a studio, and a bunch of galleries. We’ve talked to artists, curators, and dealers about everything from the practical—like what computer programs work best—to the magical quality that transforms an everyday object like a hat or a bottlecap into eye- and mind-bending art.

We’ve also jumped in Olafur Eliasson’s light sculpture and chatted with Nari Ward about why he put cut-up sneakers in this painting. We’ve seen old-school Chinese scroll painting made contemporary, a Korean artist’s fork sculpture, the incredible metal tapestries of El Anatsui, and a bunch of other things made from Photoshop, junk, and other stuff we never knew you could call art.In between we’re learning about different neighborhoods and foreign places and the many ways that creative people build themselves careers doing what they love.

Also, we’ve learned how to use the word reference as a verb.

Don’t forget on Thursday March 18, we’re going to visit a cool Williamsburg gallery, called Pierogi. I hope to see you all there!

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