Influx, In Flux

Youth is a stage of life marked by uncertainty and challenge. It is a time of enormous potential, enthusiasm, and energy. But it is equally true that young people are apt to experience alienation and restlessness as they toil through the transition into adulthood, collaboration and citizenship.

At the tail end of it, we come to realize that as artists, we all have the same scars. The day can start out pretty crappy, but then you make a painting and it goes pretty good… painter, Ray Smith

Watch below as new skool supermuralist, Sofia Maldonando teams up with the old skool master, Ray Smith, for the Art School Without Walls | Vol. 5.

The Art School Without Walls, revives the spirit of apprenticeship in the arts, by pairing young artists with working artists in the making of real works of art. Providing access and useful education to young artists with limited opportunities is our way of fighting to reduce the negative effects of social inequity, marginalization, and poverty.

Holding Space for Young People

Cre8tive-YouTHink copy
Cre8tive YouTH*ink | Each One Teach One

We hold space for our youth members | to grow as artists | become more conscious | involved citizens | participating fully in their own lives | ready to assume leadership roles within their communities.

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