For My Birthday, Support The Morning Show with Mista Oh


The Myth of Sisyphus Proposes Life is Absurd and Devoid of any Meaning. Then You Become The Host of the Morning Show with Mista Oh. Boom!

A donation of Just Five-Ten-or Twenty dollars to keep the The Morning Show strong.


Just as I have done with Cre8tive YouTH*ink’s the Art School Without Walls and mural making, The Morning Show with Mista Oh revives the spirt of apprenticeship in all aspects of media production & engineering, news writing, reporting & reading.

In this way we provide access for YOC with few opportunities – creating youth-led alternate routes to success. We could really use your help to push this forward. Each two-hour Morning show has many costs to produce though.

Mrs. Oh and I have been footing the expenses for each of the last 15 shows

 We need your help. 

Ongoing and Future Expenses:
Purchase or donation of equipment desperately needed.
Logistics of booking, moving guests and equipment.
Develop training resources for YOC media skill building.

So many other hidden production costs and planning for future growth. 

Guest Lineup of Heavy Hitters

Guest have already included heavy hitters fighting for food equity and ending mass incarceration. we’ve special episodes dedicated to Puerto Rico Relief with thought leaders exploring issues of internet neutrality, immigrant, youth development, intersectionality, a Margaret Atwood special. Music, music and music. And the show is funny AF.

Mystery Mike, Joaly, Munch, Damion, myself and the rest of crew suit up every Friday and are in the studio at 5AM – ready to throw down

Countless more ambitious and capable YOC waiting on deck just waiting to be be activated.

There’s No Money in the Truth

A donation of just five-ten-or twenty dollars each will keep the The Morning Show with Mista Oh going strong through the Winter and give us the breathing room we need to continue to grow the show into a sustainable and viable NYC primetime morning radio show. I have no doubt if we were selling lies on the radio, we would probably get paid. So, we are going to have to support this on our own.

But, great opportunities are too often missed because of the lack of resources to see things through till their fruition. Do what you can today to NOT let that happen here.

For us, it is NEVER the lack of will that gets in the way of our forward movement. The scope and breadth of our projects and youth involvement in production (murals or radio) is always made possible by what Robin and i are able to shoulder ourselves and the allies that I am able to lure in to playing my silly little game. 

My appeal to you is simple, Five, ten or twenty dollars.

If you a committed to more or ongoing support or if you would like to specifically donate studio equipment, i.e., mics, etc. I can give you more detailed list of our needs. 
Do it for the kids. Don’t make me come after you. HMU. with any questions. The Morning Show with Mista Oh WBAI NY 99.5 
~love and light~