Hey what is a Niborista anyway?

Well, it’s about art (and so much more). Those who feel it know it.

The Niboristas are organized by Robin Cembalest, who works toward establishing access and equity in the world of contemporary art for young artists and arts professionals.

“By leveraging my lifelong career in arts journalism, I am able to create an experiential learning environment for aspiring arts professionals that provides an alternative path to success,” says Robin, who was ARTnews executive editor for 16 years. “Exploring the intersection between contemporary art and new platforms like social media is the hook I use to engage young professonials. You can find Niboristas at arts institutions and galleries and as editors and writers, administrators and interns. Basically in every aspect of arts management.”

Studio Museum party 2016

You can follow the Niboristas’ adventures on Twitter and the #niborista hashtag on Instagram. Find Robin’s long-form articles at RobinCembalest.contently.com. And don’t forget to “like” her Facebook journalist page!

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