born and raised in brooklyn. raised by mom in a home filled with music creativity love and compassion but in a neighborhood filled with negativity violence drugs gangs, the whole 9. luckily i hand a strong family as well as a will to stay positive and stray away from ignorance. i was lucky enough to have 3 sets of grandparents (long story) a father who was always around a mother that always supported me and a great group of friends.

i was a terrible student, school was always a struggle. in junior high i was always trying to be a cool kid but I was just lame – so were my grades.  And, even though I lost a ‘lil weight and the girls came into the picture… I was still lame. the usual. everything got in my way. Report day was bad! Abuela was pissed!  I turned it around in my junior year and graduated – although a year late.

i was tight, but I can now say that in my 5th year i gained so much… a mentor  stronger skills… i joined a band and i was doing things that i only dreamed about.

listening to what people say is only half of it  u need to act on it  u need to bring it to life and that’s what got me where i am today this is not impossible i am proof. maybe it’s the struggle the process makes your goal that much more valuable when u reach it.

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