Ann is using the power of social media to advance her message and her artwork by making direct connections to people and forming a strong community of supportive individuals interested in social justice.

All the rights I thought I had I don’t have. All the plans I had I no longer have. All the space I have I won’t have. Maybe leaving NY is what will come of me due to the greed of another. Maybe I’ll make the best work of my career not confined by my tremendous Bushwick rent. Maybe just maybe it’s the best thing that will ever happen to me.

“I consider myself an activist artist. I create a lot of public art which stems from a street art background. I use art, and my social media accounts, to raise awareness around the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as environmental destruction and solutions.”

dentifying as an activist as well as an artist, Ann detailed why social media is a good vehicle for her expression by saying, “Art inspires and helps people to think differently. Social media has the ability to take that idea around the world, instantly. We have the power to change the world in our hands right now. There’s nothing else that will bring about the significant evolution in thought that we so desperately need.”The voice of our generation’s creative minds is an important one to include during direct action events and all forms of peaceful protest and social justice endeavors because their sight is different, often more vivid than activists with other talents and skill sets. Historically, artists have played a large part in social movements. “I work closely with @youngnewyorkers, a not-for-profit doing incredible work transforming the criminal justice system through diversion programs for 16- and 17-year-olds in New York City,” Ann related regarding the networking and sense of community to be found online and in the intersection of action and her art.

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